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A modern and refined lounge bar & restaurant

A modern and refined lounge Bar & Restaurant….. So opens the editorial that the magazine Fuocolento,Gusto a Nordest, dedicated to us in the January 2023 issue. -“. We talk about us, our history and our dishes. Take a look!

“Per le stràe solesàe, sweet lyric by the great Biagio Marin, announces the journey along the streets kissed – indeed – by the sun, between calli and campielli that open into the intimate and cozy space of the old town: Grado, piccolo nìo e covo de cocali (small nest and den of seagulls) that the singer of this splendid seaside resort imagines pusào lisiero sora de un dosso biondo (lightly placed on a blond bump) and silhouetted against the silent infinity of the sea, the sky and the enchanted lagoon.

But it is in the heart of old Grado that we want to linger, crossing the walls that lead to the Castrum romano, lungo un itinerario sulle tracce delle persone che in questo piccolo nìo they have left evidence that is still alive among its churches, architecture and paved streets. And among the alleys that recall Venice – Grado is the mother of Venice, the old Graisans used to say – leading us to where the fishing boats unload the fish in the market in Piazza Duca d’Aosta to supply the characteristic trattorias and restaurants that swarm in the historic centre, giving us extraordinary dishes of the seafaring tradition of Grado, among which the boreto stands out, a tasty ancient dish and evergreen, that we have tasted – remaining enraptured –

in the elegant location of the Duca d’Aosta Restaurant, a modern environment with a design very fashion which, however, with its refined charme blends happily into the ancient context.

Also in the gastronomic one because the cuisine of the Duke of Aosta expresses the atavistic flavors of traditional dishes accompanied by audacious combinations that support a modern but measured reinterpretation of seafood specialties – and land – firmly anchored to the respectful dogma of the freshness and quality of raw materials dedicated to a km 0 authentic that is cloaked in the flavors of the fish from the overlooking sea, the herbs that grow in the brackish waters of the lagoon, the asparagus from the nearby rural village of Fossalon in the season in which its sandy land produces them generously. The result reveals succulent dishes – brought to the table by the very cordial staff – among which we highlight, alongside the traditional dishes, the Duca’s tagliatelle with prawns and black truffle, the double-cooked octopus with gramolata and courgette flowers stuffed with Parmesan , spinach and pine nuts, the fish crudités, risotto creamed with mascarpone and lime with Mazara red prawn tartare, grilled squid stuffed with parmesan and mushrooms on a bed of zucchini and pepper emulsion, salmon steak with pistachio brittle, rocket and burrata.

The protagonists of this ambitious and well-chosen project which, going beyond the confines of the classic restaurant, encompass a much wider offer: lounge bar, cicchetteria, pinseria, wine-bar and cafeteria-pastry shop, are the close-knit spouses Paolo Zuliani, from Grado DOC, and his wife, Manuela Di Bert from Gorizia, whose past in the pastry leaves virtuous traces in the list of delicious desserts.

The two owners are at the head of an efficient brigade of young people led by their son Alessio who – by now properly prepared – has inherited from his parents a fundamental characteristic in welcoming and in the relationship with customers: kindness, a highly appreciated and never discounted. The restaurant is open all year round, the seats, including the external ones, 60 of which are heated, are 140 and the view towards the Basilica of Santa Eufemia and the older church of Santa Maria delle Grazie xe ‘na maravegia, would say the immense Biaseto.”

Rossella Dosso